Skootch Free OCR App and PDF Converter for iPhone

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Skootch is now free!  Skootch uses powerful iPhone OCR app software to convert images to editable text documents and PDFs on your iPhone, giving you the best results possible from a free iPhone app, as well as posting images and text straight to Facebook.  You can store your converted iPhone OCR app files and PDFs in your iPhone app for the best way to access them at any time.  We think Skootch OCR is the best iPhone OCR app and PDF converter app available.  It's a great app for students as you can capture text from books, magazines and papers and convert it to an editable form which can be pasted into a Word file or email, making referencing, research and content generation a doddle.  Save time with this great student app.

  Perform OCR and PDF conversion on the move
•  Convert as many files as you like
•  Email files, store them or post to Facebook
•  Great student app

Skootch Free OCR and PDF Converter App can be used to convert an image to text and works with any image stored in your iPhone Photos library. The app can also be used as a scanner, using your camera to capture an image, compressing it into PDF format and saving or emailing your text or picture file.  Save time and money by using Skootch as a handheld scanner, rapidly scanning and transferring images and text to your computer by email.

Using fast and highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) technology, Skootch is great for writing projects, presentations, references and any other time you need to create, backup or share text.

You can Skootch images from your built-in camera, pictures from your photo library or screen captures of maps, information or interesting pages from the internet. Take screen captures by pressing and holding the round Home button on the front of your phone and then pressing the Sleep button on the top. Skootch the images to extract the text as an editable .txt or PDF document which you can then send via email. Alternatively you can annotate and post the images quickly and easily to Facebook, keeping your personal or corporate Facebook page up to date. Brilliant!

The ‘Saved Scans’ section contains all the files you have converted using Skootch. Once you have converted a file you can download it in different formats from here. No internet connection is required for Skootch Free OCR App to work. Focused, well lit photos will give the best results.  Text needs to be horizontal, level and clear.

Skootch is the first software release from Mutant Software Ltd and is the brainchild of Doctor/Inventor/Entrepreneur Toby Bateson. He hopes you think it’s as great as he does.

Skootch OCR App is Great For Students and Business People

Skootch iPhone OCR App for Students and Business PeopleThe latest app from Mutant Software, Skootch OCR, will convert an image to text, JPEG to editable text file and files to PDFs.  You can even post images and text to Facebook, all in one stylish retro package.  Skootch OCR is great for Students and Business people because it makes writing copy, presentations, web sites and other documents straightforward.  Use the link on the left to visit the iTunes Store and download your copy.


Skootch iPhone OCR App Is Useful For People Who Work With Large Amounts Of Data

If you work with large amounts of data and information then Skooth iPhone OCR App will be useful for you.  Use it to grab information from photos, webpages, posters and maps, convert it to editable text and then save it, email it to yourself or a friend or post to Facebook.  Simple!


Coming Soon - Skootch, The Free iPhone OCR App

We're dead excited here at Mutant Software because soon we will be giving Skootch away for free!  WeNew Free iPhone OCR App have also improved the function of the built-in ocr program to give you even better results making Skootch the best free iphone ocr app on the App Store.  We'll let you know as soon as the new version is live so you can check out Skootch, the newest and best free iPhone ocr app in the App Store.